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ComWales Fibre FTTC and Line Rental Avg. 68Mb UPTO 80Mb Down / Avg. 18Mb upto 20Mb UP

ComWales Fibre FTTC and Line Rental Avg. 68Mb UPTO 80Mb Down / Avg. 18Mb upto 20Mb UP
1.00 KG
Part Number
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Setup fee:
including UK VAT 20.00 % ( £4.66 )
Subscription fee:
Each 1-th day of every month
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Please remember to use bank transfer at checkout and visit ways to pay to setup your direct debit mandate.

This data product comes with an unlimited data allowance but is sudject to our fair usage policy which is more than adiquate for most business / familys needs. (Heavy uses that constantly download film or stream video etc should look at another pro or business grade product)

Super Fast 80/20 Welsh Fibre (28.00) and Line Rental (15.99) all Included at Just @£43.99 per month.

Our lives are more connected than ever. More and more gadgets and appliances – phones, TVs, tablets, games consoles – work best with a good internet connection. But as we share photos with friends online, stream HD movies, video call with family or colleagues, download games – or play online, traditional broadband connections find it harder and harder to cope. It's time to throw off the shackles and free everyone in the home to do what they want online – all at the same time. It's time for superfast fibre broadband.

Also take note of our fantastic call rates available on all our lines of 0.05p per min to landlines and 0.10p per min to UK mobiles with a set up charge of just 0.10p this is nearly ‘’50% cheaper than BT!



Some terms and conditions, full terms available on request prices checked on 24/06/2014.

*BT Line rental @ £18.99 Sky £17.40 ‘’BT Call rates 9ppm land lines 15ppm mobile 15p setup

~ Subject to a minimum contract of 18 months, Early Termination Charges @ £75 are charged in addition to the Cease Charge £15  if an line is cancelled / moved within 18 months. Any lines ceased / moves  prior to the expiry of the Minimum Term 12 months will be billed for the unexpired portion of the Minimum 12month Term. Unless 24 month minimum term selected when taking free router.

‘Fair usage allowances apply with data charges for over the contracted amount @ 0.35p per Gb extra.

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