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Email Setup

Email links and server settings:

Webmail login : webmail.comwales.net

SpamWall Logon : http://spamwall.comwales.net/login/index.php

Server Hostname You will need to know the servername to the email domain you are using. ComWales servers use mail.comwales.net Others may use imap.mail.servername.com or pop.mail.servername.com, which are fairly standard.
Port Port number will change depending on your IMAP/POP choice as well as your SSL choice. Use the table below to determine which port number to use.
Incoming Ports
IMAP 143
IMAP with SSL 993
POP3 110
POP3 with SSL 995
Outgoing (SMTP) Ports
Regular (Non-SSL) 25 or 587
SSL 465
SSL This is where you set your encryption settings.
Autodetect App will test different standard encryption and port settings.
None Standard setup with no encryption
STARTTLS Not used for comwales Hosting Servers.
SSL/TLS Standard encryption setting.
Autodetect Thunderbird will test different standard encryption and port settings.
Normal Password Use an unencrypted password (Recommended Setting.)
Secure Password Use an encrypted password.
Kerebros/GSSAPI Security Protocol not supported by comwales Hosting servers.
NTLM Microsoft security protocol. (Not supported by comwales servers)
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